The High Road Kitchens program provides funding for restaurants to hire or rehire workers and feed those in need. In return, participants are asked to transition to paying One Fair Wage and increase equity through hiring and training practices. Each High Road Kitchen location will agree to serve at minimum 500 free meals over the course of the program.

Restaurant Commitments

Restaurant partners in states where sub-minimum wages for tipped employees are legal would commit to a scaled approach to paying One Fair Wage for all employees, beginning in January of 2021, and achieving full wage parity for tipped and non-tipped employees by January 2026.

The High Road Kitchens program is a project of One Fair Wage, which is fiscally sponsored by the Alliance for a Just Society, a Section 501(c)(3) organization.

One Fair Wage / RAISE

Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards in Employment

ONE FAIR WAGE is advancing policy, driving industry change, and shifting the narrative in order to ensure that all workers in America are paid at least the full minimum wage from their employers. The most powerful force driving subminimum wages in the United States is the National Restaurant Association (“The Other NRA”) which has lobbied for decades to keep the federal subminimum wage for tipped workers at a paltry $2.13 an hour. The Other NRA’s lobbying has resulted in tipped workers in 43 states receiving a subminimum wage — these workers include not only restaurant servers, bussers, hosts, bartenders, but also workers in nail salons, hair salons, car washes, airports, and parking lots. And now app-based companies like InstaCart, DoorDash, Uber and Lyft are also pushing for subminimum wages for their employees, arguing that their customer tips should count toward their workers’ payments. Subminimum wages are also paid to workers with disabilities, incarcerated workers, and teen workers in most states. One Fair Wage is calling for ‘No Worker Left Behind;’ that every person who works should be paid at least a full, fair minimum wage from their employer.


Great Plates Delivered

On April 24, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a first-in-the-nation Great Plates Delivered program. The program is designed to support adults 60 and older and adults 60-64 who are at high-risk from COVID-19, in staying home and staying healthy by delivering three nutritious meals a day, and also provide essential economic stimulus to local businesses and workers struggling to stay afloat during the COVID crisis. The following Frequently Asked Questions provide guidance to any individual or local community impacted by this program and choosing to participate.

Program Overview

How does the program work?

Local administrators partner with multiple local food providers to deliver three (3) nutritious daily meals to qualified individuals enrolled in the program. Each community conducts outreach to known senior centersand senior populations to enrollqualified individuals in need. The program is locally managed to ensure needs of the communities within California are addressed.

Which food providers qualify for participation in the program?

Each local administrator determines which local food providers (e.g., restaurants, kitchens) are eligible to participate in the program. Selection is contingent on food provider’s ability to meet volume and nutritional standards; source local produce/meats (if able); meet cultural needs; and prioritize local jobs, worker retention, worker health and safety, and standards of equity and fairness in employment practices, wages, hiring, and promotion. 100% of meals must be supplied by a food provider not currently participating in a state or federal meal service program.

How long will the program run?

The program runs until May 10, 2020, which is the timeframe currently approved by FEMA. The state intends on requesting an extension for the Great Plates Delivered program.

Thank You for Supporting Our Family!

Every time you order with us, you are helping a member of the struggling restaurant industry in a big way. We thank you so much for your continued patronage and compassion!